Snow hotels to visit this winter

One of the latest and probably most popular trends in the hospitality industry is the invention of snow hotel. They have gained so much popularity that you would have to have your head in the sand, not to know about them. Snow or ice hotels are typically made of blocks of ice and snow, and due to their nature, they have to be rebuilt every year. If you are of the adventurous kind and you like to discover new things, here are some of the snow hotels you should visit this winter:

• Hoshino Resort Tomamu the Tower

This resort has an ice hotel that is available for a short while between the beginnings of January through to the beginning of February.

One of the best features of the ice hotel is the Arctic bath, which is an outdoor bath that is surrounded by ice. It allows you to have a good view of the tranquil Birch forest while having a warm and calming bath.

One can also enjoy some relaxation time in the ice lounge of the hotel. In this area, you will have the experience of enjoying the icy world, in addition to indulging in a strong glass of whiskey.

• Igloo village, Kakslauttanen

This awesome hotel is situated in Finland. It is comprised of various types of accommodation such as the glass igloo, the Kelo-glass igloo, the log chalets, and the queen suites.

The most popular features of the Igloo Village are the three saunas, one of which is the biggest in the world, as it can accommodate up to 100 guests.

One can enjoy activities snowboarding, cross-country skiing, as well as hunting and reindeer safaris.

• The Snow Hotel, Finland

The famous snow hotel is a part of the snow castle. It has been reported as the largest ice fort in the world.

What is special about this hotel is that it is rebuilt every year with a different design, each of them equally beautiful and mesmerizing.

Included in the snow hotel are a restaurant and a chapel. The bedrooms are completely made of snow, and the beds are covered with lambskin and sleeping bags, so one needs not to worry about the cold.

• The Kirkenes Snow Hotel

Located in Norway, this hotel is described as the winter wonderland. It is made of uniquely decorated bedrooms with ice carvings and warm sleeping bags.

Among the various activities you can enjoy are; The Husky safari, hunting northern lights with a bus or a snowmobile, snowshoe walking and the King Crab safari.

Although The Kirkenes Snow Hotel is the best destination for families or families to enjoy winter vacations, it has many amenities and rooms that are ideal for couples, so the hotel would also be a beautiful place to spend a honeymoon period.

We are all aware and familiar with all the possible things one can do on summer vacation and typical beach resorts. Snow hotels, however, are a different world. They should be added to one’s bucket list.