Snow activities for students.

It is true that winter has its perks too, albeit the cold gloom that leaves body and soul frigid and wants to make one dive for the nearest warmth. However, the utmost iciness that permeates the neighbourhood and essentially the school.

It is created to note that every seeming catastrophe is a blessing in disguise, and an intense blizzard could be an added advantage to start a cognitive learning process.

Learning from the snow.

Nature is rich such that tireless studies are obtained from it hitherto; whether pleasant or unpleasant phenomena. Instead of coiling up on the sofa, fun activities could be induced into the kids even without their knowledge. This helps them to sharpen their wits and sense of observation to things around them besides knowing just the color of snow.

Snow activities

Snow activities that could be adapted for a two-way process of entertainment and learning include;

• Snow singing and storytelling: Singing in the snow could be done best in groups; as a stand-in to an hour of ice hockey in a PE class. It may be comical to add that a few of the billboards that had graced the hearts of music lovers has anecdotes of words relating to the weather; most especially wintry periods.

The power of observation is utilized from the changes in the sky; to the crispy fall of the leaves to the white flakiness of the macadam. All could inspire a rather eccentric view of the world in wintry peripherals. It also trains the kids or pupils into deep thoughts of nature

• Art and history: The nature of snow helps it to cohere after joining. Snowmen and snow castles pop up from great mastery of snow craft. The kids should be imbued with the idea of creativity and fine art.

Puzzles and costumes could be integrated like some sort of a snow play or a historical gig; for instances, how the early man lived or what an igloo seemed to be, how to build a fire when one happens to be outdoors.

• An essential geography lesson: A snow day could be suitable for a lesson of some sort, though it might not be advisable to fix the kids to a nice geographical treat outside because of severe hypothermia.

Indoors, a snow globe might be just fine in analyzing the world that obeys a snowfall. The children through this could tell what happens when there is a blizzard or avalanche; what happens to the leaves, the color of the vegetation and the sky and what the beautiful scenario of an aurora portends. In this way, they are exposed to the differences between summer and winters, even to the commonplace idea of Santa’s date of arrival and what his abode might look like in the North Pole.

The concept of the snow and its origin had predated the coming of man and his original thought. However, it should not be disregarded with a dead end whiff of universality, born ignorance to nature. A lot could be learned from it, and the right way is the fun way, especially to the little ones and tender-hearted; seeking answers to the questions in their mind.